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Route Servers Policy

BIX.BG operates so-called route server systems (s. RFC7947 for a detailed description) to facilitate the exchange of BGP announcements between peers at BIX.BG. Each peer needs only to set up a BGP connection to the route server in order to receive the BGP announcements of all other peers having a BGP connection with the route server. BIX.BG operates two diverse Route Servers and two BGP4 sessions are held simultaneously for resilience.

BIX.BG Route Servers  

Route Server 1


IP v4 address:

IP v6 address: 2001:7f8:58::3d35:0:1


Route Server 2


IP v4 address:

IP v6 address: 2001:7f8:58::3d35:0:2

Route Servers Policy

BIX.BG provides IP Addresses to set up a BGP4 sessions, and this addresses shall be used as a next-hop IP Address in the respective BGP4 sessions.

The first AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM in the route announced by the MEMBER to the ROUTE SERVERS is its own AS.

Using BGP Community the MEMBER can give BGP announces to any MEMBER:

  BGP Community

 RS instruction


 Block announcments of prefix to this MEMBER


 Announce prefix to this MEMBER

  0: 15669

 Block announcments of prefix to any MEMBER

 15669: 15669

 Announce prefix  to all MEMBERS

To change RS local preference, you may apply the following BGP Community:

 BGP Community

 RS instruction


 Local preference* = 0


 Local preference* = 50

Concerning the incoming traffic (announces to be accepted) the control belongs entirely to the MEMBER. It can filter which announces received from ROUTE SERVERS to be accepted.

In order to have full functional identity between PUBLIC and private PEERING, ROUTE SERVERS can eliminate its own AS from the route sent to the MEMBER and it will appear as they are directly connected,  without private BGP session.

Announces received by ROUTE SERVERS shall be checked daily in RIPE and prefixes not registered there shall not be accepted.

ROUTE SERVERS estimate the best path using standard rules of routing for each prefix and send it to the MEMBER.

For information about BGP community remapping of 32-bit ASNs, please refer to the list of Public Peers.