Transparent Ethernet IC - service overview

Transparent Ethernet Interconnect

Transparent Ethernet Interconnect is a protected service that provides bidirectional, real time Ethernet (Layer 2) point-to-point data transfer via the BIX.BG network.

The service is suitable for companies that need reliable and high-speed connectivity between the data centers where BIX.BG has presence.

Main technical features:

  • speed: 1Gbps or 10Gbps;
  • unlimited number of VLANs and MAC addresses;
  • transfer of all valid ethernet frames with MTU <= 9,000 bytes, including Q-in-Q, Provider Backbone Bridges (MAC-in-MAC), etc.;
  • protection of the data transfer through alternative physical routes and MPLS rerouting policies.

Other essential features:

  • no setup cost;
  • MRC 60 EUR excluding VAT (includes both ports necessary for the service, no matter if the speed is 1Gbps or 10Gbps);
  • 100% discount on the first Transparent Ethernet IC service for clients which are also MEMBERs and have at least one own port;
  • no minimum contract duration (the order may be terminated unilaterally following a 30-day written notice);
  • connectivity to BIX.BG’s equipment (including cross-connects) is provided by the clients.