P2P Private VLAN - service overview

P2P (point-to-point) Private VLAN

P2P (point-to-point) Private VLAN gives Members the ability to create private VLANs between their ports easily, quickly and without any additional fees.

Members who have more than one port can also create P2P Private VLANs between their own ports.

To use this service a Member needs to have a port within BIX.BG’s network and at least one point of contact in my.BIX.BG, who has the necessary entitlements for access.


  • 9000 bytes MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit);
  • Unlimited number of MAC addresses;
  • Unlimited speed, which is restricted only by the available port capacity on both sides;
  • Up to 200 VLANs per port;
  • In cases where the ports in question are part of a LAG/LACP, the P2P Private VLANs should be configured at the LAG.

Fully automated process with three steps for either party:

The initiating party chooses:

  • with whom they want to create a P2P Private VLAN;
  • one of their own ports;
  • their own VLAN tag.

The counterparty chooses:

  • whether to accept or decline the invitation; in case of decline, the process will be terminated;
  • one of their own ports;
  • their own VLAN tag, which can be different from the tag of the initiating party.