Multicast - service overview


The multicast service provides the possibility for members to use their existing ports for audio and video transmission. The multicast service is a value added service and it is used via multicast VLANs.

There are two parties involved in the multicast service:

  • Multicast source – a member, who owns the legal rights for the content (multicast source VLAN)
  • Multicast receiver – a member, who wants to receive the content (multicast receiver VLAN)

BIX.BG provides a role-based platform ( to facilitate the operational procedure, which has to be followed in order to start content transmission:

  • The authorized multicast source representative sends an “Allow” request for a given multicast receiver;
  • The authorized multicast receiver representative sends a “Join” request to receive the content;


Following the neutrality concept, BIX.BG also provides the possibility for members to become multicast carriers – they can serve multiple multicast receivers and sources through their ports at BIX.BG.

Here you may find BIX.BG's Point of Presence.