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Remote Port for Peering

This option is suitable for you if you want to have access to BIX.BG's IXP with low latency and reliable connectivity, but do not having the possibility to host equipment in Sofia.
Remote port connections are facilitated by our Partners - Ethernet Carriers enabling peering at BIX.BG through their networks.

Main features:

  • Member's network gains access to BIX.BG's IXP via Remote Port, provided by Ethernet Carrier via their's network;
  • Every Remote Port for public peering is provided via a separate physical connection, established between BIX.BG and the Ethernet Carrier;
  • The Purchase Order shall be trilaterally signed between the Member, Ethernet Carrier and BIX.BG;
  • Technical Support of the Remote Ports shall be provided by the Ethernet Carrier's NOC, but escalated to BIX.BG's NOC only in case of routing issues;
  • The Member can use only the Public Peering service via a Remote Port connection;
  • Available Remote Port speeds are up to 10GE (10 Gigabit Ethernet) Line Rate;
  • The Member shall negotiate and agree on all the technical and financial terms and conditions with the Ethernet Carrier;
  • The service payments shall be made directly to the Ethernet Carrier.

Ethernet Carriers