Joining BIX.BG is very easy

Dedicated Port

Joining BIX.BG with a dedicated port connection at one of our PoPs can bring a multitude of benefits to your business. We guarantee high reliability, availability and lowest Mean-Time-to-Repair if a problem occurs.
In addition, you may provide more services to your customers as an Ethernet Carrier or a Multicast Carrier.

Main features:

  • Direct connection to BIX.BG's IXP platform;
  • Technical Support provided directly from BIX.BG's NOC around the clock (24x7x365);
  • Quality of service guaranteed according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA);
  • Access to the Public Peering service and the Multicast Service (as a Multicast Receiver or Multicast Source) without any additional cost;
  • Opportunity to become a Multicast Carrier and to provide additional Services to your customers (Multicast Receivers or Multicast Sources);
  • Opportunity to become an Ethernet Carrier and to provide Remote port connections for public peering to your customers.