About Us

BIX.BG (Bulgarian Internet eXchange) was established in the mid 2009 in order to provide a neutral and reliable platform for data exchange between the leading telecom companies, Internet providers, cable operators, content providers, etc.

BIX.BG is the first Bulgarian Internet eXchange Point (IXP), member of Euro-IX (European Internet Exchange Association).

The main purpose of BIX.BG is to allow each member to exchange traffic (public peering, multicast, etc.) with all other members receiving perfect quality at optimal costs.

Access to BIX.BG’s infrastructure is enabled through ten points of presence in Sofia.

Our Vision


All employees and managers of BIX.BG are neutral to the Internet Business.


Public, simple and equal conditions for all members.


Newest generation network infrastructure provided by leading vendors.

Our Mission

To cooperate for optimization of the business model, by creating the best conditions for increasing value for all members.

To be trustworthy, honest and reliable partner for all members.

Our Team

Dimo Nikolov- CEO

Dimo Nikolov

Svetoslav Naydenov- CTO

Svetoslav Naydenov

Yanko Kaneti- Network Expert

Yanko Kaneti

Network Expert
Cvetelin Petkov- Developer

Cvetelin Petkov

Kristina Kaneva- COO

Kristina Kaneva